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As a developer, I consider myself first a problem solver, in no small part because I work on a support queue, like so many of my fellow devs. So clients come to me with problems. Grappling with these problems often sends me to the Internet to research, dig, experiment, and finally (hopefully!) discover a solution. Sometimes, the code conundrums I wrestle with are not well documented and don’t have obvious answers — though this doesn’t happen as often now that Stack Exchange is on the scene (I can’t believe I once lived in a world without Stack Exchange). When I finally do find solutions, I…well, I move on. On to the next problem.

Lately, I’ve thought to myself — well, hang on. What if someone else runs into this problem? I couldn’t be the only one faced with this problem. And I realized that a lot of the help I’ve received over the years has come from developer blogs. From people on the front lines, writing the code like I am.

So this is my effort to give back to the community that helped me write the thousands and thousands of lines of code over the years. So there’s no promise that I’ll update often, nor do I promise to write solely about development, but I do plan to document my solutions to the unusual and obscure issues that I run into.

Happy problem solving!

About Kelly Carter

I'm a freelance web developer, doing business under the name Rainworks Web Development. I'm a skeptical technophile, voracious reader, softcore gamer, and haphazard tinkerer. I have a long-term partner, a cat, and no time for glass ceilings.

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