Restoring permissions when separating out WordPress multisite blogs

If you separated out your multisite WordPress blogs into individual blogs, but your administrators don’t have access to plugins, user management, and other important panels, then you will likely need to update your wp_options table to not have WPMU-specific user capabilities. First, make sure you’ve done everything in this post. I’m unsure if these instructions […]

BackWPup: Amazon S3 Access Denied

I’m working on setting up a nightly backup addon for my hosting clients, and since most of my clients are on WordPress, I decided to first focus on setting up the backup to occur via WordPress plugin. Backups are going to an Amazon S3 bucket, and because there is a limit on the number of […]

Background Flicker on Hover in Chrome

Say you have a search bar with a submit button that changes background image (or background position) on hover. In my case, I’m using SVG files for the on and off background images, and I have a simple CSS-based preloader set up so that there’s no delay when mousing over the submit button the first […]

Trigger a SimpleModal Resize

I recently ran into an issue where I needed to force Eric Martin’s SimpleModal jQuery plugin to resize and reposition itself, but couldn’t find an easy way in the API to do so. I found several answers on Stack Overflow and other sites, but all of them were too old, didn’t work, or required you […]

The 8-Hour Workday vs. 8 Hours of Work

I’ve been freelancing full time for a few months now, and one of the first things I did when I decided to take the plunge was invest in time tracking software (Toggl, for those curious). I worked hard to get into the habit of using it religiously from the beginning, so that I would have […]

MODX Revo 2.3.1 image upload bug

Just ran into this on a client’s site. If you just upgraded Revo to 2.3.1 and your client (or you) likes to upload images via the manager dashboard, then you’ll probably start seeing this error: Here is the fix: Go to System Settings. Filter by area “File System.” Find the upload_files and upload_images settings — […]

View doesn’t render when last line is commented out

I plunged into the great jungle of full time freelancing last week, and since I knew I wouldn’t have a full load right off the bat, I decided to start learning Ruby and Rails to broaden my skillset and do something productive with my extra time. I started with’s Getting Started guide, and after […]

Customizing the Google Store Locator’s store listing

In 2012, Google released a plugin that expedites the process of creating a store locator using Google Maps. It’s not terribly easy to customize though, and there’s not a ton of documentation or examples. While there is a working example of how to customize the info windows that appear over the map markers, there isn’t […]

How to Move Cross-Country Cheaply

Ah, the joys of moving. After helping my sister move cross-country, it is now my turn, and so I was able to benefit from the lessons my sister learned – as well as learn a few of my own. Ship via Amtrak If you want to avoid a moving truck/van and don’t have a lot […]

Custom behavior on ASP.NET client-side validation

Let’s say you want to trigger special behavior when ASP.NET client side validation is triggered – something other than displaying an error message. In my case, I needed to change the border color of the offending control(s). There is no built in way to do this right now, so far as I’ve been able to […]